Imperial School of Music

Individually tailored lessons for beginners-

adult & senior citizens

Our Programs: Music Lessons

Beginning Students

Music lessons

include learning

to read music,

playing songs, and

developing useful

playing techniques. and also encouraging the joy of playing music

Intermediate Students

During music lessons, students advance

their skills, gain an

impressive repertoire, continue note-reading capabilities, receive coaching for special performances, and develop skills appropriate to their level.

Advanced Students

Many of our qualified teachers are also professional working musicians and offer advanced music lesson instruction. For those getting ready for music competitions and college-qualifying auditions, these lessons help immensely.

Adult Students

Whether you are a beginner or need a refresher course on your favorite instrument, adults enjoy our lessons as much as our younger students. Adult lessons are perfect for learning to play an instrument for fun, keeping the brain challenged, learning at the same time as your child or, for those more advanced, a performance at a special event, church, synagogue, or house party.



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